Time has passed since marijuana was legalized in Denver. Is anyone there making pot beer? Yes, and no…

Cannabis-infused beer was recently legalized in Colorado, but the law only allows cannabidiol, not the actual THC. That means you can get the benefits of the healing properties of the plant but not the side effect most people are looking for. Dad & Dudes Brewaria are one of the first to make these types of beers.

2015 GABF with D & D serving some cannabis beer…

There are several breweries making infused beer, but if you want all the positive effects you will need to make your own. There’s a couple of ways to do that. Some prefer using alcohol or another solvent to remove the active properties of the plant and adding it after the beer is fermenting. Another method is to add the plant at the end of the boil and let it rest in the hot water, effectively “cooking” it for 20 minutes or so to release the active properties.

There are two major problems in getting actual reefer-infused beer. First, it has to be regulated by two separate entities, the BATF and whatever authority handles the cannabis legalization. Since it’s a federally illegal drug, it’s unlikely the BATF is going to approve any labels for those sorts of beers. The second big hurdle is the cost. Unless you can get your adjuncts for free, a five gallon batch of infused beer would cost several hundred dollars. Imagine what a 10-barrel batch would cost.

So I guess we will just have to wait for someone to figure it out before we can have actual 420 beer!

Here’s a link to our two segments of our radio show this week about 420 beer.

420 beer part 1420 beer part 2

Huck was here!


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