The new normal…Easter in quarantine. For many folks, holidays can be a trigger, with everyone getting together with family and friends at the childhood home or local gathering places.

Perhaps your old room has been transformed into a shrine for the pets that came after you. Or your home base place has moved and you no longer have the anchors of the traditional family home or local watering hole!

Traditionally, we got together in whatever group was appropriate to our situation. Maybe multiple stops. Grandparents, moms, dads, stepdads, etc., etc., and more. Maybe it’s just a community gathering of like and not-so-like minds.

This year, it’s a bit different. In fairness, some folks just went about the holiday just like they always did. Church, then dinner with the expanded family. Of course, we judged them harshly…

Others did drive-bys or met in open spaces.

Some of those folks may have gotten a $500 ticket, or not.

What is the new normal interface?

Zoom! That’s what. All the work-from-home workers, drink-from-home beer journalists, and others, have adopted this platform for hanging out together. We are becoming familiar with green screens, headsets, and scheduled meetings. Facebook happy hour groups are popping up and clubs of all sorts are going online to continue to hang out with our chosen friends.

Together, but apart… My family.

There’s a bit of a learning curve, especially for those who aren’t so technologically proficient. Truthfully, it’s not so hard. Click the link and look for clues on screen. “Join with audio?” “Activate Video?” Next thing you know, there’s your friends or family.

Here’s the thing…

It’s actually better than hanging out with the family.  Wait, hear me out. If you want a break, just mute your feed. If you want to scratch your ass, turn off your video (please!). Not to mention not having to drive ½ way across the country to see everyone.

No one can drink your last beer or eat the last of whatever food you made for the event, but you secretly want to eat all of it. If you go out for a smoke or drink, no judgmental folks smelling it on you and calling you out regardless of what you may have smoked or drunk…

Also all those parking issues, and who’s making the next beer run, are no longer an issues!

Downsides? No hugs is a big one. It’s fun to watch the kids hunt Easter eggs and so forth, but we all have cameras now, so use them.

The holiday notwithstanding, we have been reconnecting with friends and family on the Zoom app. Daily happy hours and specific “non-essential” meetings of clubs and friends are going a long way to break the monotony of the current situation.

So embrace the suck and download the Zoom. Hit me up at on the interwebs and join our daily happy hour!

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