Had a meeting in Roanoke Monday and made my second attempt to visit Lucky Restauant on Kirk Ave. in Roanoke. We were successful this time and scored some great beer!The selection is pretty amazing – or ridiculous per their Facebook page.

Looks to me like Kirk Avenue has the potential to be Roanoke’s “cool” place. I hope that the people and officials will support this type of addition to the Roanoke scene.

Lucky Restaurant in Roanoke, Virginia.

They had several offerings of Bell’s Brewery, one of my favorites, and some interesting, if not particularly great, bottles and cans. One of the beers was Butternuts Pork Slam. Their web site is more annoying than their beer, but I mention them because the name is as good as the beer is bad. They apparently sell a lot of it at Lucky, but I expect it’s mostly new customers. It’s not the restaurant’s fault it’s bad, and I would still serve it just for the name. In fairness we tried the Butternuts Hefe and it sucked too!

On the bright side the Bell’s was cold, came in a cold glass with a smile, and cleanly washed the taste of the Pork Slam out of my mouth! Nice… they also had a cool bathroom. One of these days I’m going to do a post of all the bathroom pictures I have.

Lucky Restaurant Bathroom.

It’s on a quiet street right off the market area.

Kirk Avenue Street View.

Mrs. Fin showed some interest in the Steel Erection, folks – what’s she trying to say?

Didn't know you could buy one...

The kitchen was closed but the menu looks good. We are going have to head back to eat soon and you all should too!

Lassaz les bon temps roulez!


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