It’s that time of year again when Bell’s comes out Hopslam and Foothills comes out with Sexual Chocolate. Traditionally I take my wife out on Valentine’s Day and have a glass of Sexual Chocolate. This year we were unable to do that since it had not yet arrived in the Blacksburg area. Strangely enough, I was at Beer Run in Charlottesville the day before Valentine’s Day and saw bottles on the shelf.

The Hopslam issue is similar but a bit more complicated. I saw that plenty of people had bottles of Hopslam on Facebook and Twitter long before we saw our first bottle. It finally got here in the bottle, but we had to wait for special events to occur before we could get it on draft. We are only about 200 miles from northern Virginia, where they receive the beer a lot earlier. Why would it take an extra week and a half to three weeks to receive the product in Southwest Virginia. Are they sending it by wagon train?

This is a nice shot if I do say so myself!

This is a nice shot if I do say so myself!

The good news is that when the beer finally got here, it was pretty tasty. The bad news is that I still haven’t gotten a bottle of the Sexual Chocolate. I suspect that that’s my fault, as there is probably some available around here by now. The snows have kept me out of the stores for a while.

Hopefully next year they will get here on time – on time being before Valentine’s Day!

Lassaiz les bon temp rouler!

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