Friday at FloydFest X the eXperience was a bit hot! Fortunately, so was the music. The bands are really too numerous to mention but a couple of highlights were the Sam Bush band and the Carolina Chocolate Drops.

The food was hot as well, I had more than I should but one needs to keep their energy up. Feel Good Foods had great Quesadillas with Feta Cheese and other wonderful fillings and they were right in the beer tent!

Ready for Action!

Speaking of the beer tent, Floydfest serves only craft beer! They were four breweries, Starr Hill, Foothills, Breckenridge, and Magic Hat. There was also a cidery listed as beer, to each their own!

They were all serving a good selection of their brands so there were plenty of choices to go around! There were two beer areas, one by the main stage and one that had it’s own stage within the beer garden. There was wine as well but I didn’t get the specifics, Chautoue Morrisette was there I’m pretty sure.

To drink beer you have to get your ID checked, they seemed pretty reasonable about that, and then purchase a stainless steel cup, above. It was $6 for the cup and $5 a beer, not cheap but not really exorbitant for a festival.

After some rigourous experimentation at the Huck Fin Lab, it was determined that the SS pint glass actually holds about 18oz. So you are getting a pint for your money even if it looks smaller…that’s what she said…sorry, couldn’t resist!

You do have to stay in the designated area which is fine at the wooded beer garden but a bit of a problem at the main stage. You can’t really see the stage that well, it was crowded and not enough shade. By comparison the beer garden was well shaded , large and had plenty of room. The other issue was that the metal cups were prone to foaming so you sometimes got too much head, which is a problem in this case.

There was a lot going on at the festival. Interesting creatures…

Dragon at Floyd Fest I think it was names Davina!

Lots of people…

Some of the visitors at Floyd Fest.

Interesting items for sale…

Kinetic art by Mike!

In terms of logistics, the festival was a well oiled machine. Off-site parking was well organized with a shuttle service provided by boy scouts in their bus. It’s $10 for the weekend, they give you a little sticker on your windshield that you can leave on so people will know you are cool and attended the festival. Plenty of bathrooms reasonably clean considering the crowd, I never had to wait more than one person to get in. A station where you could fill up your cup with water between beers for free. Plenty of first aid and security for any types of issues. The only problem I saw all day was one guy outside the gate getting rowdy with he security folks. They just kinda surrounded him and let him yell until the cops arrived and dealt with it.

The camping comes in many flavors and shaped from VIP camping with your tents provided to folks just crashing on the ground or in a hammock. There is a large RV area and tent villages everywhere. I checked out where my daughter and friends were camping. They had a section in the “Not so quiet camping” area. Everyone was getting along and looking after each others stuff. Most of the campers brought their own food and other necessities to offset costs of purchasing everything at the festival. It seemed like a cool way to spend a weekend. I would need an air conditioner or at least a fan myself.

So if you missed it this year, now’s the time to start planning for next year! See ya there!

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

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