Ellicott Mills Brewing Company is located in a cool building that looks like an Oktoberfest bar from Germany.  Not that I know what that looks like, but if I had to guess, it would be like this.

Inside of Ellicott Mills Brewing Co.

They make German-style lagers for the most part and make them well.  The crowd was mostly local except for one gentleman sitting next to me who is on the same sort of brewpub quest that I am on.  He was at his third brewpub that night and going to go to one more.  I gave him my blog address so he could check out my opinion.

The beer was good.  I especially liked the Dunkel.

Taster at Ellicott Mills Brewing Company.

I didn’t eat any food there, but one of the locals said the burgers were great.  He also said that I should try a Monkel, 1/2 Marzen and 1/2 Dunkel.  I ran out of thirst before I could, but will try it next trip.  I also need to check out the Phoenix Emporium at his suggestion – looks like my style of place.  It doesn’t appear to have its own website, which might explain why I haven’t found it before.
I did think they were a little misleading in this flyer!

Flyer in bathroom at Ellicott Mills Brewing

It’s like, $2 pints, except the good ones, and not in the bar upstairs!  In their defense, the bar downstairs was better than the upstairs one.  It was in the basement like a rathskeller, so I can let that part of the flyer go; not so sure about restricting to only the regular beers.
The food menu looked excellent, definitely a destination brewpub, even more so if you are a German beer fan!
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