We visited Dogfish Head Brew Pub in Fairfax, Virginia the other night on our way to Baltimore, or beer-land as I like to call it!  We have been to the mother ship pub in Rehoboth Beach, DE, so we wanted to check out one of the newer pubs.  The restaurant is in a mall, but isn’t everything in NOVA?  It looks like they tried to give it the kind of beach-town ambiance of the original one, but it just didn’t make the transfer very well.  It was full of families, not that I have anything against families, and had the feel of any old mall restaurant during the Christmas season.

Huck throwing one back at DFH Pub in Fairfax!

Very few mall restaurants have the quality beer and food we found at DFH, however. They had a great selection of Dogfish Head beers on tap, which changes as new beers are made and old ones drunk!  I downloaded an app for my iPhone that shows the actual chalkboards from the three Dogfish Head Pubs.  It’s also available for Android. You can look before you arrive or use it in the pub so you don’t have to twist around and look at the board!

Mrs. Fin going in from the wrong end of the taster...I keep saying, light to dark...

Did I mention the food?  This is what I call a rib-eye! No, that’s not butter, it’s Gorgonzola cheese.

Dinner at DFH Pub.

We had a great meal and some great beer.  Unfortunately, the Bitches Brew was gone when we got there, but we scored a couple of bottles of that back home.  The taster comes with a set flight of beers. I would have liked to try some different ones, but I understand that they are pretty busy here and need some structure.  If you want to try something new, you have to order a full one, no 5- or 10- oz. glasses available, either.  I guess I need to get a room nearby next time to fully enjoy the beer selection.
The service was fine – everyone was pitching in and helping each other.  We did think the bar was a bit small, but we didn’t actually go in there.  Since it was full when we got there, we just got a table.  The wait was short, and they had those little vibrator things that you can put in your pocket for a little surprise later…I had to fight Mrs. Fin for it!
They had all the souvenirs in a cage. I wasn’t in the market right now, but it was a bit hard to check out the stuff.
This is a great place to enjoy good food and good beer…sometimes I wish we lived nearer to civilization so we could enjoy the finer things in life more often.  Check it out if you live in Northern Virginia, or make a stop if you are just passing through –  just minutes from Interstate 66!
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