Big news with the merger?! Purchase of Dogfish Head by Boston Beer. Lots of speculation about what is going on. Here’s my read. As an official old guy, I have a bit of a different perspective than most young writers. My read is that Jim Koch realizes that he’s at the a point in his life that he needs to figure out what’s going to happen after he’s gone. He is one of the great innovators in the craft beer industry!

How can his legacy be best continued into the future? Jim Koch is 69 years young and Sam Caglione is 49 years old. They both grew breweries from nothing to something in the early years of the craft beer movement. Sam is certainly one of the greatest innovators of craft beer with his off-centered beers for off-centered people!

My read on this is that Jim is looking to replace himself over the next couple of years. Sam is the perfect subject for that scenario. With his lovely wife Mariah, he grew Dogfish head from a small brewpub to the craft beer powerhouse it is today. They are the perfect team to take over the helm at Boston Beer Company and bring craft beer into the big boys’ territory.

We could be seeing history being made and the beginning of the transition from micro beer to macro beer. To be more clear, micro beer is about to transition to macro beer.

I’ll just leave that there…

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