Every day I see posts from beer industry folks on brewery or distribution pages concerning politics. Most of the posts are heartfelt outpourings of their feelings about the issues. Some are funny, although usually only to one side of the debate. And 10% or so are down right mean or vulgar or untruthful.

Currently, the country is pretty much divided politically with one half aligned with the democrats and their philosophy and the other half with the republicans and their philosophy. Wait a minute – that’s not right. Only 58% of registered voters voted in the Presidential election. So 30% support D’s, 30% support R’s and 40% DGAF.

It’s hard to understand why business and craft beer celebrities would want to risk alienating 30% of their potential customers. The only case where I could see it making sense would be if your market area is so dominated by one camp or the other, it would actually bring people in to your business. Other than that, there has to be some negative fallout to the continued vitriol being spewed on social media.

Here’s s few points to ponder:

  1. No one has ever changed their opinion concerning their political beliefs due to a posting on social media.
  2. Even if you post 100 wonderful things about craft beer in a day, one post bashing Trump or Hillary can cause 30% your audience to unfollow, or even worse, to unfriend you. You might want to check from time to time to see what your numbers are.
  3. If the item you post in the heat of passion turns out to be false, how does that reflect on your postings about your products and events?
  4. Finally, if you react to another’s post, how about sticking to the facts and not make personal insults concerning the other person’s genetic makeup or unusual appearance.  I think disparaging your opponent’s mental capabilities should be off limits as well no matter how accurate that may seem.

Here’s some solutions:

Create separate Facebook pages for your business life and your personal life. Be aware that people can search and determine that your political page is still you.

Better yet, just quit it! Or as those of us who like to interact with cheerful, funny, interesting people like to say…STFU!!

Now I know that many of you have causes that you feel quite strongly about and you do not understand why other people can’t come around to your way of thinking. Might I inform you that you can’t control other peoples feeling and actions. You can only control your reaction.

Think about that for a minute.

There’s 86,400 seconds in a day.You open up Facebook and there’s a meme you disagree with. Perhaps it makes fun of your political, social, or religious beliefs. You are astounded and upset! You drop every thing and attack the person who posted it and get in a long debate. Afterwards, you are still upset for the rest of the day. The result is that you let 300 seconds or .03% of your day ruin 99.97% of your day.

My solution is to unfollow that person or business and move on. Every once in a while I look at my list of folks who I unfollowed and bring them back to see what’s going on in their lives. I find that most of them turn out to be repeat offenders and have to be banished again to the valley of the unread.

Don’t be that person. It’s fine if you want to say yay for the thing I like. Most people won’t excommunicate you for that. Try to avoid hating other people’s ideas and beliefs publicly, though. That’s what bars are for.

In closing, remember the most important advice in this post – STFU! (I know, I know, I’m an offender as well.)

Thanks for your attention…

Huck Was Here!

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