Is there beer at a Hokie Football game? Yes, and no…

Is there beer at a Hokie Football game? Yes, and no…

Since we are based in Blacksburg, VA now, I decided to check out the phenomenon known as Hokie Football.



I took a stroll through town to Lane Stadium to see what all the hype is about. It seems that every parking lot in town is the site of some tailgate activity.

Tailgating before the big game at VA Tech!

There are no alcoholic beverages allowed in the stadium, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, if you know what I mean…but many people rent spaces in the parking lots and have all sorts of interesting tailgates. Next game I will go around and get you a flavor of the different types. There was a pretty big crowd for the game today, even though it is not a big rivalry or even supposed to be a close game.


Lots of students and everyone but me was wearing school colors, either maroon and orange for Tech or black and  gold for App State. There were even some lovely ladies selling special “Stadium Stomper’s”.

These ladies can stomp me anytime!

The real beer in Blacksburg is in the bar’s though. I recommend the Cellar, The Underground, or the Rivermill. All have excellent selections, good food and atmosphere. See ya there!

Lassaz les bon temps roulez!

Huck got Lucky at Lucky Restaurant on Kirk Ave. in Roanoke!

Huck got Lucky at Lucky Restaurant on Kirk Ave. in Roanoke!

Had a meeting in Roanoke Monday and made my second attempt to visit Lucky Restauant on Kirk Ave. in Roanoke. We were successful this time and scored some great beer!The selection is pretty amazing – or ridiculous per their Facebook page.

Looks to me like Kirk Avenue has the potential to be Roanoke’s “cool” place. I hope that the people and officials will support this type of addition to the Roanoke scene.

Lucky Restaurant in Roanoke, Virginia.

They had several offerings of Bell’s Brewery, one of my favorites, and some interesting, if not particularly great, bottles and cans. One of the beers was Butternuts Pork Slam. Their web site is more annoying than their beer, but I mention them because the name is as good as the beer is bad. They apparently sell a lot of it at Lucky, but I expect it’s mostly new customers. It’s not the restaurant’s fault it’s bad, and I would still serve it just for the name. In fairness we tried the Butternuts Hefe and it sucked too!

On the bright side the Bell’s was cold, came in a cold glass with a smile, and cleanly washed the taste of the Pork Slam out of my mouth! Nice… they also had a cool bathroom. One of these days I’m going to do a post of all the bathroom pictures I have.

Lucky Restaurant Bathroom.

It’s on a quiet street right off the market area.

Kirk Avenue Street View.

Mrs. Fin showed some interest in the Steel Erection, folks – what’s she trying to say?

Didn't know you could buy one...

The kitchen was closed but the menu looks good. We are going have to head back to eat soon and you all should too!

Lassaz les bon temps roulez!


New Belgium Beer coming to Virginia – You can get some at the Wine Gourmet’s new location!

New Belgium Beer coming to Virginia – You can get some at the Wine Gourmet’s new location!

I accompanied the kind folks from the Wine Gourmet to the New Belgium Brewing announcement of the expansion of their market to Virginia. The Wine gourmet will have the beer at their new location at 3524 Electric Road in Roanoke. The event was held at the Taubman Museum in Roanoke. It was sponsored by Blue Ridge Beverage of Salem, the local Miller distributor.

The Wine Gourmet "Party" at the New Belgium roll out!

One of the people above misbehaved; fortunately, I caught it on film!

They put on a pretty good spread…

Lots of yummy food!

They provided some beverages…

Lots of yummy beer!

Somehow I missed the actual announcement, but I was able to chat with Neil Reeves, the head beer bringer for New Belgium in Virginia.  You can see it on my YouTube channel here. The gist of it is that you will see these around soon…

Fat Tire beer trucks!

I think we can all look forward to some good beer coming to our area in about two weeks.

Lassaz les bon temps roulez!

Is there beer in Floyd Virginia? Yes, but you have to like pizza.

Is there beer in Floyd Virginia? Yes, but you have to like pizza.

I ventured into Floyd the other day to see Hamilton Loomis at the Pine Tavern. The Pine Tavern is an old roadside motel complex with a bar, home-cooking restaurant, and a pavilion for music. The venue is perfect for Floyd and makes a great place to showcase musical talent. Hamilton apparently has some friends in Floyd and really likes to play there. He puts on an excellent show and continues to be one of the biggest blues showmen out there. Walks into the crowd, plays on chairs and tables, and did an entire song standing on the rail in front of the stage. Check him out wherever he’s playing if you get a chance.

Pine Tavern Stage

The beer selection was good. They highlight the local Floyd brewery, Shooting Creek,with three of their beers. They also had Harp and Guinness, so you can build your own 1/2 and 1/2! There was bar food going out to some of the tables that looked pretty good, but you know my policy…drink first then worry about food.

Before the show I visited downtown Floyd. It consists of  a crossroads with what some would call hippie shops for a block or two in each direction. Of course, I would never say something like that. As  I drove through, being in Floyd, I used my supernatural powers of beer detection to figure out the best beer bar in town. As usual, I was spot on! I went into the Dogtown Pizza shop and saw beer nirvana on tap. They had 8 taps and each  was a local or regional craft beer. Someone there does a little research on beer and makes great selections. They apparently sell a lot of Terrapin beer and had a limited edition Black Saison called Tomfoolery on tap the day I was there.  It was definitely the best beer of the week that week. That really says something considering that I had come from Alewife and Sam’s in Baltimore the night before.

They make a brick oven pizza that is very good. The one issue is that it’s sometimes burned. Mine was fine, but I saw several come out of the oven that I would have turned back if they were served to me. Other than that, this is a great destination bar, especially if they have a band you like on the Sun Music Hall stage in the back.

I will be making return visits to Floyd and the Pine Tavern as well as the Dogtown Pizza and you should too!

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