BCBC wants to do a Blacksburg Pub Crawl – How about you?

The newly formed Blacksburg Craft Beer Club is considering doing a pub crawl through Blacksburg, starting at 622 North and working our way through town to the London Underground Pub.

Six beers, twenty bucks. Are you in?

Join the BCBC at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Blacksburg-Craft-Beer-Club/217677585010633

or our meetup page at http://www.meetup.com/Fans-of-Craft-Beer-Blacksburg/

We will be posting details there as plans firm up. Tentative date is mid-September on a Sunday early evening.

Laissaz les bon temps rouler!

More pictures from Steppin’ Out in Blacksburg.

More pictures from Steppin’ Out in Blacksburg.

Pictures from the rest of Saturday.

Laissaz les bon temps rouler!

Some Pictures from Steppin’ Out Blacksburg.

Some Pictures from Steppin’ Out Blacksburg.

Friday night music and Saturday’s Ride with the Mayor.

Laissaz les bon temps rouler!

Is there beer at a Hokie Football game? Yes, and no…

Is there beer at a Hokie Football game? Yes, and no…

Since we are based in Blacksburg, VA now, I decided to check out the phenomenon known as Hokie Football.



I took a stroll through town to Lane Stadium to see what all the hype is about. It seems that every parking lot in town is the site of some tailgate activity.

Tailgating before the big game at VA Tech!

There are no alcoholic beverages allowed in the stadium, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, if you know what I mean…but many people rent spaces in the parking lots and have all sorts of interesting tailgates. Next game I will go around and get you a flavor of the different types. There was a pretty big crowd for the game today, even though it is not a big rivalry or even supposed to be a close game.


Lots of students and everyone but me was wearing school colors, either maroon and orange for Tech or black and  gold for App State. There were even some lovely ladies selling special “Stadium Stomper’s”.

These ladies can stomp me anytime!

The real beer in Blacksburg is in the bar’s though. I recommend the Cellar, The Underground, or the Rivermill. All have excellent selections, good food and atmosphere. See ya there!

Lassaz les bon temps roulez!

Tramp Stamp from Clown Shoes Brewery in Virginia? How did that happen?

Tramp Stamp from Clown Shoes Brewery in Virginia? How did that happen?

I have been on a quest for Tramp Stamp Belgian IPA from Clown Shoes Brewery since I first heard about it. I checked the Internet, and the word was that it was a small regional brewery that only distributed in a few surrounding states.

First, I tried to get some of my beer blogging buddies from the Northeast to send me some…no response :-(. Thanks a lot beer blogging buddies.

I started my campaign to get it in Virginia or Maryland. I went to every beer store and asked for it by name. At first they were saying that they couldn’t get it because the distributor didn’t carry it, so I began to request it in writing at each place across the state.

The first break was when the Wine Gourmet sent me an email they were tasting some Clown Shoes – not the Tramp Stamp, but we were heading in the right direction.

Then I stopped in the Cellar Beer Store and they had a couple of Clown Shoes beers – again not the tramp stamp, but looking good.

Finally, I went to Beer Run in Charlottesville to see if they had any of the Dogfishhead Hell Hound, and they did have one yummy bottle stashed for their favorite beer blogger — and they had the Tramp Stamp!

I purchased two bottles and took them home. That weekend we were headed to Greenville for the Top of the Hops, so I took one with me to share with my brother-in-law. We had enough beer at the festival, so we didn’t crack it open. We returned home and one thing led to another and we didn’t hit the other one, either. Memorial Day we were headed to the Cabin on Craig’s Creek and decided to take it with us to sample. I searched high and low. Looked in the fridge – not there. Looked in the kegerator – not there. Looked in the auxiliary fridge – ditto. Hmmmm.  Texted my daughter and found out that she and my son’s girlfriend had a little private tasting…Grrrrr.

Tramp Stamp, Tramp Stamp

I had my usual big fit and said some bad words and headed to the cabin with lesser brands.

Depression set in, so I headed to the Cellar for something to cheer me up and, low and behold, Clown Shoes Tramp Stamp right there on the shelf. All is forgiven for the children. Mrs. Fin and I opened a bottle last evening, and it was just as good as I had imagined! I hope they continue to import this into Virginia as it will make a nice addition to my hoppy beer selection!

Huck enjoys a Tramp Stamp from Clown Shoes!

I hope it’s not being egotistical to believe that my asking for this beer in so many place may have instigated its importation into Virginia. I just have to think that the old sayings about one motivated person can make things happen are true, and I now have a personal example that shows the result of personal conviction and perseverance.

Huck visits a Wine Tasting festival in Blacksburg Virginia called the Fork and Cork. Fortunately they had some beer!

The Fork and Fork food and wine festival in Blacksburg is an annual event. They have a bunch of wineries, lots of food vendors and gourmet food preperation classes as well as some great music. I had some wine but found some beer after a while.

Our friend Hoppy Vaughn and his band provided some music for the event.

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