Journey to Beer Now!

We started on Tuesday the 21st of May and drove from Blacksburg to Louisville. Of course our first stop was the Buffalo Trace Distillery! It’s my favorite bourbon these days. There’s plenty of choices on the bourbon trail, and I’m a firm believer in to each their own…  The tour was everything I’d hoped it would be, and I learned a lot about the making of one of my other favorite beverages. I have to say I was a bit surprised that even at the source, you can only buy a limited amount of the product. We arrived late in the day and were only able to secure one fifth. Still, I highly recommend this tour or any of the other ones they offer.

Standing with the Angels.

That evening we stopped our first “Great American Beer Bars 2018”, The Holy Grale (a play on words for “great ale). Those folks were great to us and we did a Facebook live from there on Huck’s Beer Buzz Facebook page.

We ended up spending the night at Mile Wide Brewing. Those folks had great beer and made us feel especially welcome.

We all wanted to go in there but, OSHA and all that BS…

Matt from Mile Wide gave us several pieces of good advice. First, he suggested that we should go to Sergio’s World Beers. We headed over there, and it turned out to be the best beer store I’ve ever seen. It’s not for everyone – ratings can be subjective. He had beer dating back to 1956. He estimated he had 1700 different beers with a total collection of 25,000 bottles and cans. We saw at least six walk-in coolers of differing temperatures, and there was a whole other building we didn’t see. Also, all available wall space was filled with coolers full of beer.

The tap list at Sergio’s

One note – Sergio even carries Bud Light. The thing is, it’s $80 a bottle. I’ve always said craft beer places should have Macro beer, just price it accordingly.  A 10-oz. draft of Bud heavy for $18 would be appropriate.

Day Two started at Churchhill Downs and a tour of the racetrack and grandstands. That’s a must-do in Louisville!


We headed to St Louis and the second suggestion from Matt. Two of the folks at Mile Wide used to work for Schlafly’s, so he suggested we try to stay there. We headed that way and were disappointed to see a no-overnight-parking sign. We went in and asked around, and one of the managers, Charles, came up and assured us it would be fine. He also gave us some good advice about where to go in St. Louis and Kansas City and on the way.

A Huck flight…

Classic craft beer place!

We hit up Perennial Artisan Ales and they were releasing a new beer as we came in the door, so we got a free sample. One of my favorite beers is free beer!

Not just great beer!

Next on the list was Square One Brewing. The building at Square One started out as a pub for Budweiser employees, and it is the longest continuously open bar in the city. It’s a restaurant, brewery, and distillery.

Double flights, that’s how we roll…

We also hit Rockwell Brewing, which is a great new brewery. Jordyn hooked us up with some beer that’s going to be featured on a future Brewsday Tuesday show!  This place had the best bathrooms so far.

Best bathrooms!

The brewery was built using some shipping containers and had a great look to go with their great beer!

Huckette is ready to party!

That night there were massive storms with tornadoes not too far from us. We slept through most of it and had no damage. Thinking good thoughts for those affected.

We hit the Gateway Arch in the morning and saw the flooding on the Mississippi. We rode the trolley up and checked out the view. Very nice!

View of the Mississippi from the top.

View from the park.

We had our good morning beers at 4 Hands Brewing, which came highly recommended and did not disappoint! There may be a little something to be shared at Beer Now…

4 Hands Brewing

On our way to Kansas City we stopped at Walmart for provisions and realized that Logboat Brewing was one mile away in Columbia, MO. It was also highly recommended by several folks we met in St Louis. It was overrun with celebrating teachers, which is appropriate since the owner used to be a teacher! They were handling the crowd very well and made time to discuss the operation with us. They had really good beer.

Cool random stuff in the upper windows at Logboat!

We tried to hit two more downtown breweries, but the BeeRV was unable to find a landing strip big enough. Note to breweries: Have some big parking spaces. or directions on your website to the same!

At this point we were ready for a  break so we stopped at Blue Springs Campground just outside of Kansas City. Nice, quiet, cheap, and pretty!

Relaxing after a long day of touristing and tasting…

Huck was here!

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